ARISTAR, an integral part of a family owned group of companies, offers two very distinct product lines: Employee Benefits and Business Efficiency Systems, both available nationwide.


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  • Moving Backwards, Taking Billions from Consumers
    For too long, too many hard working Americans paid the price for policies that handed free rein to insurance companies. One year ago, American consumers gained a vital new tool putting them back in control of their health care. The Patient’s Bill of Rights in the health reform law gives hard working families the security they deserve.
  • Medicare Open Enrollment: Better Choices, Sooner
    This year, this Open Enrollment period is starting early – on October 15 – and ending sooner – December 7.

    As health plans start their marketing and advertising activities in just a few weeks, we want people to know that the Medicare program is strong and, in 2012, they have a broad array of choices. And, there are lots of new benefits thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

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