Customer Services

ARISTAR is known for relentless commitment to service. Our clients refer all administrative issues for us to resolve so that you can concentrate on what you do best - making money running your business.

We are vital members of your team

ARISTAR brings you our most valuable benefit, one you can’t measure in numbers: TEAMWORK.

We’re here for your people, 24/7/365, for simple things like answering ordinary questions to helping someone make it through a crisis.  We help you set up your employee benefits program and work right alongside you to solve issues that arise, every step of the way.  Some of our services include:

  • • Annual and/or Periodic Benefits & Rates Analysis

  • • HR/Plan Administrator Orientations

  • • Employee – Benefits Orientations

  • • Employee – Enrollment Meetings

  • • Small Group Enrollment/Orientations

  • • COBRA Administration Assistance

  • • ERISA and HIPAA Assistance

  • • Enrollment Changes

  • • Coverage Termination

  • • Primary Care Physician Changes

  • • Lost & Duplicate ID cards requests

  • • Referral Assistance

  • • Pharmacy Assistance

  • • Balance Bill / Claim Processing

  • • Grievance Assistance

  • • Periodic Updates of Industry Changes

  • • Multi-language Assistance

  • • Monthly Premium Pick-up & Delivery

  • • Materials Request

ARISTAR manages your benefits, so you and your team have the time and energy to manage your business.

Discover the benefits of a true partner