ARISTAR, an integral part of a family owned group of companies, offers two very distinct product lines: Employee Benefits and Business Efficiency Systems, both available nationwide.

About Aristar

ARISTAR’s management team provides over 50 years of combined experience in the employee benefits and service industries.  You can rely on our experienced, licensed insurance agents and efficiency experts.  ARISTAR is backed by a multilingual team providing insurance products custom tailored to your specfic requirements, as well as state of the art business efficiency systems solutions.

  • • Design and/or re-vamp benefit packages
  • • Manage group insurance portfolios
  • • Administer employees benefits programs

No matter the size of your business, BIG BENEFITS help strengthen it

A great benefits package helps you retain the outstanding employees you have and compete for the talented employees you need to expand. With ARISTAR, even small and medium-size companies can offer their employees high-powered benefits. Here are some of the BIG BENEFITS you’ll discover with ARISTAR:

  • • Oustanding Savings On Benefits Costs
  • • Increased Ability To Retain Employees
  • • Enhanced Workplace Morale
  • • Attract Highly Qualified Employees
  • • Leveling The Playing Field to Compete With Other Firms